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The London Clinic of Subtle Energy Medicine is run by specialist practitioners. All practitioners have reached a level of training that pertains to being Subtle Energy Medicine Specialists. This involves the completion of a minimum of 4 years training in the field of Subtle Energy Medicine, plus a postgraduate programme of one year. The clinic offers sessions in the following therapies. Please click on the therapy to know more. All practitioner are dedicated to the provision of subtle energy medicine and de-stress therapy to a very high standard and are actively engaged in deep personal development and a continued interest to promote and uphold these standards across the board. All work to the standards of training and practice of The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine and are registered with this umbrella organisation. In addition the clinic also offers expertise in experience and knowledge in areas of:
  • Healing Patterns of Addiction
  • Assisting and supporting individuals with their own inner development and life path
  • Bush Flower Remedies
Appointments can be arranged in Richmond. For information about therapy booking please click here. Specialising in Crystal Healing & Energy (Spiritual) Healing, Stress Healing and Bach Flower Remedies, each specialists is registered with the Vibrational Healing Foundation & The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM), an Accrediting Body for Subtle Energy Medicine for the UK.   For further information please contact EMI

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