Crystal and Energy Healing in essence is the use of crystals to shape and focus the channeled energies of Energy Healing. These energies bring about the required changes in the subtle energy systems that promote health and well-being.

Crystals are very powerful and effective tools for transformation and healing, as they contain a number of special and unique vibrational properties, that interact with us on many levels. This why they can be used to support, calm, uplift, unblock and change our natural subtle energies, so that they flow in accordance with more universal energies that promote good health and better life experiences.

Many people choose this type of energy therapy because they want to address complaints at their energetic cause and to support them through the changes they are experiencing.

In a session, a practitioner starts by assessing the subtle energy systems, so that they can discover where the greatest need to work is. This information is then used to choose the appropriate crystals that match the energetic need, before introducing them into the subtle energy systems in order to start the healing process. Both the channeled and crystal energies bring new energy patterns into the subtle energy systems, that promote healing and well-being. These patterns continue to integrate a few days after each session.

On occasion Bach Flower Remedies can be taken following a session to further support the healing process. Each session takes an hour and costs £70. As a guide, it can take between 1-3 sessions to address a particular issue.

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