Subtle Energy Medicine is form of healing that incorporates the use of crystals, energy, colour, sound and flowers (subtle energy medicine tools), to bring about favorable changes in the subtle anatomy. It can be of use when someone is feeling the need to address an issue holistically or requires energetic support in life or with a particular problem that may be present or re-occurring.

A practitioner identifies where to work by assessing a client’s subtle energy systems. Here they may find that the subtle energies may need clearing, unblocking or transforming, in relation to the cause of a problem. This is done by introducing natural channeled energies, that are shaped and focused by selected subtle energy medicine tools, in accordance with each person’s needs.

These combined energies then create the required changes on energetic levels, that promote health holistically, as well as well-being. On occasion Bach Flower Remedies may be used in an energy session or to compliment and continue the healing process following or between appointments.

An appointment lasts about one hour and is carried out whilst lying on couch or sitting on a chair (depending upon each person’s preference). There is no requirement to remove any clothing, as with more physical therapies. On occasion crystals may need to be placed on or around the client.

The cost of each session is £70. There is no requirement for multiple appointments, however, as a guide, it may take between 1-3 sessions to address an issue thoroughly.

For more information please contact EMI