The Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner Certificate™

This is a two year part-time course that is held over 14 weekends, is for people who wish to gain a well respected qualification to practice effectively and with confidence. Throughout this period students are taught the fundamentals, essentials and a deep working knowledge of subtle energy medicine, how to channel healing energies, and how to use a variety of subtle energy medicine tools within the human subtle energy systems.

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Crystal and Energy Healing Diploma

This a two year part-time course over 14 weekends. This course is an integral part of the certificate training in subtle energy medicine. This equates to 180hrs tutor led tution over this period.

This additional qualification is awarded (Along with the Certificate in Subtle Energy Medicine) to acknowledge the high level of training in this therapy that graduates have undergone after completing this course.

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Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™ Diploma

This postgraduate qualification includes a Bach Flower Remedy diploma; a 6 weekend advanced development course; an advanced crystal and energy healing course; a stress healing programme and a module on addiction and facilitating healing in a hospital or similar environment.


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