About the course

Apart from providing a high standard of training and practice, this course has been created for people who wish to explore the world of energy and crystals and their application in energy healing.

This is an accredited two year part time course, that takes place over 14 weekends. This equates to around 180hrs tutor led tuition, a benchmark that has been used for some time in energy work training that includes the use of crystals.

The next course in Richmond starts in Spring 2020: click here for a course overview

The next course in Wales starts in Autumn 2020: click here for a course overview

Within this period, students learn how to work with channelled healing energy and subtle energy medicine tools to a profound level.

The subtle energy medicine tools are crystals, colour, flowers and sound. These may be used individually or in combination in variety of healing techniques that are taught and practiced on the course. Introductory knowledge of The Bach Flower Remedies is included in the first year, to aid practitioners with their own inner work and lives.

Knowledge of the human subtle energy systems (auric field & chakras) and their relationship to human experience, development and evolution are covered in great depth, from both the client and practitioners perspective. This includes how to feel, sense, assess and work on them correctly. The course is centered around a lot of energy work, which includes guided meditations, group work and healing practice.

Deeper subjects included in healer training are learning about death and the dying, past life healing, inner child work, sacred geometry and manifestation.

Students who are drawn to this course tend to be people who are looking for a greater understanding of their own healing ability and how that fits into their lives. On successful completion graduates can use the abbreviation MEMI.SEMP™ after their name. This course also awards a diploma in crystal and energy healing.

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