Energy or Spiritual Healing is subtle energy therapy that works on the human subtle energy systems. It can be useful for people who are looking to address health holistically in a gentle way or who have preference for this form of healing. Also the use of subtle energy medicine tools (crystals, colour, sound or flowers) is sometimes contraindicated.

In essence energy healing involves the channeling of natural healing energies towards a client, by the practitioner. This is done after the client’s subtle energy systems are assessed, to find out where to apply these energies.

Energy systems may require clearing, support or increased energy flow. These needs are addressed throughout the session and later reassessed.

Energies are channeled continuously and to varying levels throughout, to meet the needs of each client and to work with the changes that occur whilst the energy healing process is progressing.

Each appointment takes about 60 minutes. Unlike physical therapies there is no need to remove any clothing. Clients can also choose to lie down or sit. Each session is accompanied with a relaxation process that helps people absorb the energies to more beneficial levels.

On occasion Bach Flower Remedies may be suggested to take following the session, to aid or assist in the continued healing process.

The cost is £70 for each session. As a guide it can take between 1-3 session to address an issue energetically.

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