Stress Healing is an energy therapy that helps to alleviate the patterns of stress that build up in our emotions and thoughts.

As these can be perceived as energies that may be held in a persons energy field (aura or bio-magnetic field) and energy centres (chakras), it is possible to address these in healing.

This involves attending for a number of sessions. Each session lasts one hour and includes a deep relaxation technique followed by an energy healing session that includes the use of crystals that can help to clear, calm and transform the patterns that are causing pressure.

Some additional techniques are taught that help to manage responses to pressure and anxiety. There is also an accompanying CD provided with the programme, that is listened to at home.

Attending between 3-4 one hour sessions is advisable to gain maximum benefit from this therapy.

Each Session is £70. 

For more information or to book an appointment please contact EMI