The Essentials of Energy Work, Inner Development & Healing

Having been involved in energy work, inner development and healing for some time, I have seen a gradual shift in learning about these subjects, from experiential group work (which involves interacting with a tutor and group members), to self-education via the internet and other resources.

Although the internet is amazing on many subjects, and self-help is an important part of creating a more positive existence, I have found that essential information about energy work, inner development and healing is often overlooked and sometimes lost in translation. After all the internet is limited by the very fact that it is not living life as we know it.

As a result, many people may be missing out on the power of sharing information and experience through language and actual (rather than virtual) human interaction, healing and development.

Because of this, I feel it necessary and important to offer the following blogs over the coming months, so that some clear and useful information is available to those who need it. The subjects covered will be: click on those blogs presently available

I hope you will take an interest in these blogs and share them with others whom you feel may benefit.  The aim is to inspire readers to explore these subjects in real terms.

With Light