What everyone should know about working with energy

Whether you are working with subtle energy to aid inner development or as a healer, you may like to consider some of the following points.

When we begin to explore the worlds of energy, in essence we are moving towards a more expanded view of reality, that exists beyond the physical world in which we live a large part of our lives. Although this may bring insight and answers to many questions, as well as necessary healing, challenges along the path of inner development are guaranteed.

Because of this, it’s important from the outset, to be able to develop certain skills that lead to better experiences, whilst working with energy. If you use crystals and/or sound in your energy work, you will need to develop these skills further and to a more profound level. This is because tools (like crystals and sound) amplify, shape and deepen energy work considerably.

Understanding the subtle energy field and how to ground or earth, strengthen and clear this as required, for yourself and others, is the ABC of energy work and is essential, especially if you practice any form of energy therapy or healing. I would recommend this as a good place to start.

One of many reasons for this, is because the energetic state of the subtle energetic systems contained within the subtle energy field, affects how we relate or link to the many levels of subtle energy that exists around us.  When linking to these energies, it is important that the quality and clarity of these initial experiences is high. As a result, the connections we make with the subtle worlds are postive. This is also important, because these encounters can profoundly influence our perceptions and relationships, as well as our effectiveness as practitioners/healers.

It is also advisable to get some good practical experience and knowledge of the subtle energy systems through a structured course (a minimum of two years training for practitioners), shorter courses or workshops (for personal use only). Preferably do this with a tutor or school that is dedicated in providing high standards of training and instruction about the subtle energy systems, how they relate to universal energies and how this translates into everyday living.

Connecting to inner stillness through meditation or other mindful practices, is also very useful. One reason for this is because quieting our thoughts and emotions, can help us to connect more easily to subtle and higher realms, beyond our physical awareness.

The intent needs to be for the highest good when connecting (or attuning) to these energies, because, the aim of subtle energy work, is to raise our own and humanities overall vibration in relation to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Holding this higher intent whilst attuning, may also positively influence the quality of the sources of guidance, information and healing energies received (and/or channelled) from the various planes of energy. Fundamentally, these experiences should be beneficial to all concerned.

Sensing energy is necessary and is especially important for practitioners, who need to be able to sense and assess the subtle energy systems of their clients, before working on them. Initially, this can be difficult whilst others find it easier. Either way, sensing and assessing subtle energies is a constantly evolving process, that can only be developed in time, with patience, lots of practice and good instruction.

People sense energy in different ways e.g. seeing, feeling or knowing, all of which are all valid.  It’s important to know what works for you initially, as this helps in building confidence. A good tutor should be able to recognise and help you with this.

Anyone working with subtle energies, needs to be aware that higher or healing energies will inevitably bring up personal/inner patterns, that may need to be addressed and integrated. These sometimes relate to shadow issues, the unconscious or disease patterns. These patterns or energies tend to be developed in this or over numerous lifetimes (or past lives). This is at times challenging, but ultimately rewarding and can be instrumental in creating more fulifilled lives for ourselves and others.

I hope this information has been of help. Please look out for the next part of this series of blogs: ‘What is healing from an energetic view point.’

With Light


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