The fundamentals of crystal healing

Healing with crystals has become a very popular subject and lots more people are now looking at this form of subtle energy therapy as a means to healing, self-development and improving daily life.

You only have to search the internet about crystal healing or using crystals for healing and there are millions of results.

Let’s explore the use and understanding of crystals in healing and maybe this can help answer any questions you may have.

What are crystals

Crystals are part of the mineral kingdom and are highly organised with regards their chemical composition, inner structures and beautiful outer formations. Many healers consider them to be the most evolved aspect of the mineral kingdom, which is likened to flowers and the plant kingdom.

There are many different types of crystals and they can exist in families e.g. quartz and feldspar are two of the largest families and make up much of the crystals in the earth’s crust.

Examples of the quartz family are clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian and blue lace agate to name but a few. In using crystals in healing knowing families of crystals is very useful as they tend to work in harmony due to the chemical and energetic make up.

How to use crystals for healing

Crystals shape and focus channelled healing energy. They are very powerful tools for healing and transformation and should therefore be used with knowledge and care.

Crystal healing works on the energy field and the subtle energy systems within it. These systems are sometimes referred to as the auric or bio-magnetic field, chakras or energy points and grids.

On occasion these energy systems can hold blocks that prevent energy from flowing. This can manifest as difficulties in life on levels of emotion, thought and sometimes higher.

Crystals can be used to clear blockages that then assists in energy flowing more freely, which can translate into a person being more able to move through present issues with more ease, although a practitioner does not remove issues that need to worked through personally.

Crystal Healing if done in this way, is probably more correctly termed energy (or spiritual) healing using crystals. This may also be called crystal and energy healing.

Energy Healing is the basis of understanding how to sense and assess an energy system, know where to work, as well as channel healing energy. It is very useful when crystals are contraindicated and cannot be used.

What can crystals be used for to heal

Using crystals for healing is purely energetic. It does not focus upon physical complaints, medical conditions or diseases. There are even some medical contraindications to using crystals in healing e.g. cancer, epilepsy (especially with quartz), pregnancy and medications that are taken for emotional or mental health issues.

When there are no contraindications, crystals can be used with most adults, but care must be taken with children, especially those under 12 years of age and also people who are vulnerable or frail.

Crystals are used for healing patterns on emotional, thought and higher levels. By addressing patterns/issues found in the subtle energy systems, this can affect the whole system and promote health and well-being.

The subtle energy systems are different for each person and reflect their own personality, memories and life experiences. This means that no two people are the same energetically. Because of this, the cause of the same or similar complaints are different for each individual and this is why it does not make sense using set crystal patterns, lay outs or crystal energies with everyone.

How to become a practitioner that uses crystals in healing

As mentioned earlier the basis of this therapy is energy (or spiritual) healing, finding a course that includes this training along with crystals is important.

As a guideline, to learn how to sense, assess and address the energy systems is something that needs time to develop and fine tune. Also knowing crystal energies and their application takes dedication. Courses that are a minimum training of 2 years are a good place to start, with an attendance of 180hrs tutor led tuition.

Within this time frame, learning how and why to work in the auric filed, chakras and grid system is a foundation of understanding how to practice. This should also include how healing effects work on clients.

It is preferable for courses to include structured self or inner development, as this is a vital part of healer training.

Finally, on choosing a course it is wise to meet the tutor to discuss what the course covers and how subjects are taught. This also a good time to see if you feel comfortable with the tutor.

I hope this blog on the fundamentals of crystal healing has helped in understanding this wonderful way of working with crystal and energy.

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