The Fundamentals of Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a term used for the act of channelling healing energy towards a person. Traditionally, this therapy is known as spiritual healing. As the name suggests. it involves a healing energy of a higher nature.

The idea that higher energies can bring about changes that promote health and well-being, is not a new concept. Many ancient texts, describe the use of these types of energy in healing. Even in modern times, we have become to understand that everything is made up of energy. So it makes sense that energy can be used to better our existence.

For energy healing practitioners, this means that clients can be supported through many challenges in life with regard to health and well-being. In addition to this, energy healing can also be used to further enhance an already healthy and happy life, although this is sometimes overlooked.
The art of energy healing begins with learning the basics of being a stable and clear channel, through which healing energies can flow. Learning skills such as how to ground, strengthen and clear our own energy field are fundamental to good practice. Being ungrounded, with a weakened and unclear energy field, can leave practitioners drained and burnt out after a short periods and can lead to people giving up very early on.

One of the main reasons for this is because it is possible to take on a clients emotional and mental disease patterns or issues energetically. Additionally, healing energies are less able to flow through the practitioner to the client and have a tendency to reduce the effectiveness of the healing.

So its important from the outset to learn how to ground, strengthen and clear your energy field. This should be carried out preferably before, during and after each energy healing session. As a rule,these skills should be included as a regular discipline in any energy workers daily practice. Additionally, these techniques would benefit anyone, healer or not.
The effectiveness of a practitioners energy healing, depends upon their ability to assess where to work and how well they channel energy. Assessing the subtle energy systems i.e. the bio-magnetic or auric/energy field and chakra system, is a skill that can only be developed over time.

Being able to know exactly where to work in the subtle energy systems, is far more effective than going through a learnt set process that goes though all energy centres or systems in the same way for every client.
This is because every client is different and presents to a practitioner with very different patterns that require healing  in the energy field or chakra system, for that given moment in time. Working anywhere else, doesn’t make sense and can aggravate a client issues, which may then manifest in the clients life.

For example, channelling energy into an already overactive crown centre or chakra, simply makes it more overactive, something that can seriously unground a client and leave a client too open energetically.
Proper assessment, can reveal areas over underactivity, over-activity, blockages as well patterns in need of energetic support. From this information, the area of greatest need can be identified and the appropriate energy channelled into this area, in order to bring about change.

The quality of vibration of healing energy channelled, depends upon the practitioners level of development. This is not in terms of psychology or in the intellectual understanding of spirituality or ancient wisdom. This is done through inner work and the self-healing of their own subtle energy systems. This includes their connection to higher energies or light.

This is something of a life-long dedication and requires genuine intent. In short the more developed, grounded, stronger and clearer the energy system of the practitioner, the higher and more effective the healing energies tend to be. The proverbial carrot at the end of the stick.

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