What is healing from an energetic view point

What is healing from an energetic view point: An energetic approach to healing focuses upon the non-physical subtle energies of a person. These are sometimes referred to as the aura or bio-magnetic field, chakras and grids.

Although the human subtle energy systems show some general structure that is the same for all of us, i.e. there are 7 main chakras and the energy field has 4 main layers (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual), the way they are developed and function is completely different for every person. This is one of the many reasons why working with these energies is fascinating, ever changing and requires high standards in training.

These energy systems are also connected to universal subtle energies or vibrations and relate intimately with the physical body. Because of this, the vibrational state of these energies influences deeply how we experience and create our own lives. It is therefore, favourable for these system to be vibrating and flowing in an optimum state, individually and as a whole at any given time.

When they are not, people may find that their normal experience of life becomes challenged. This does not necessarily mean that people become unwell, although this a possibility. Often, it can mean that people may need change or even support energetically, whilst moving through a difficult time, in order for these energies to flow relatively smoothly and productively again.

Practitioners who work with the subtle energy systems, know that these energy systems are a true reflection of what a person is and that they hold patterns, that influence us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Their energetic state is therefore very important.

When there is something happening to affect the vibrational state and flow in these systems and patterns, practitioners who are able to sense and assess these, may find where the vibrational issue is held and work to a point of greatest need is for each individual, with an intent that is for the person highest good. 

 By channelling higher energies into the area (or areas) of need the vibration or energy that relates to the issue is changed into a higher and more favourable state than it was, which in turn translates positively into the person’s life.

This process can be made even more effective when using tools that shape and focus the channelled energy. These tools may be sound; through the use of voice or high quality tones e.g. singing bowls, flowers; which hold high vibrational patterns of nature and their connection to higher universal energies and crystals; whose inner structure, outer form and mineral content provide many useful and varied vibrations, which are suitable to shape channelled energies for each individual clients session.

These new positive patterns then remain in the subtle energy systems and promote positive energy changes that occur over several days, until the energy work manifests into daily life.

This way of working is highly specialised and takes many years to reach the level of knowledge, sensitivity and application needed to be able to work safely and effectively.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and will look out for the next blog which will look at The fundamentals of energy/spiritual healing.

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