Gareth is the principal and founder of Energy Medicine International, which he started in 2011. He has been working in the field of subtle  energy medicine and spiritual development as a practitioner and tutor for 18 years.

Working with an intent that acknowledges each student and client’s highest need.

I feel it is important to teach with clear and sound information on each subject taught, so that people can use the knowledge they gain in a practical way that creates positive changes wherever they may be required in their own and others lives. 

With regard to energy work and spiritual development he holds the following qualifications,

Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist

This qualification relates to working with a profound knowledge, awareness and sensitivity with the subtle energy systems, with a wide variety ot tools i.e. crystals, flowers, colour, sound and Bach Flower Remedies. This includes stress healing, to help with states of stress and anxiety, that present in the human subtle energy systems. This qualification includes inner development and understanding of what spiritual development is in relation to the subtle energy and healing. The qualification also includes a diploma and post graduate diploma in crystal healing & energy healing. Overall it represents four years training.

FSEM Teacher Training for Subtle Energy Therapies

Having attained The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine’s Accredited Teacher Training qualification for teaching subtle energy therapies, I enjoy assisting individuals and groups in learning about subtle energy medicine, crystal and energy healing whilst experiencing a profound level of inner development. Having taught groups for over 12 years it is always a pleasure to see how positively this type of healing work can benefit students and others.

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