Subtle Energy Medicine

Subtle Energy Medicine is an expanded form of both crystal and energy healing. In addition to crystals, practitioners are able to use tools such as colour, sound and flowers as well as flower remedies for self-care.

Specialists will have completed a specific Bach flower remedy diploma, a stress-healing (not de-stress therapy) programme and an inner development course that represents a profound journey through the subtle anatomy systems. Furthermore they will have integrated advanced crystal and energy work, how to facilitate healing in a hospital or similar environment and how to work with those who suffer from addiction.

Those who have completed this amount of training and practice are highly competent and indeed specialists in subtle energy medicine. At present there are two schools in the UK that offer this level of training and just one that offers the specialist programme.

Practitioner training represents 14 weekends of tuition completed over a period of two years, which includes the completion of an extensive portfolio of work. Specialist training consists of two further years that can be attended over a longer period of time.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a subtle energy therapy. Natural energies are channelled towards a client, by a trained healer, in order to help promote health and wellbeing holistically for the individual.

Energy healers focus on working with the energetic causes of ailments, rather than symptoms. This is done, by assessing the condition of the various human energy systems within the bio-magnetic field (aura) of a client and then addressing as appropriate.

It may be important to add that the whole make up of an individual, including emotional, thought and spiritual patterns form part of his/her auric field and the systems within it.

These systems are not situated within the physical body and are therefore known as ‘subtle anatomy’ rather than ‘physical anatomy’. They do however, have an intimate relationship with the physical body. Training as an energy healer, represents eight to nine weekends of tuition completed over a period of two years.

Crystal and Energy Healing

Crystal and Energy Healing can be viewed as Energy Healing with the use of crystals.

Crystals are tools which help to shape and focus healing energies. This is done in order to bring the subtle energy systems within the auric field back into balance and relative harmony.

Crystals are very powerful and effective tools for energy work and transformation, as they contain a number of special vibrational properties, that interact with us on many levels.

Every crystal has a unique vibration or energy. This is influenced by its colour, chemical composition, inner atomic structure and outer form. It is this distinct orderly structure that enables crystals to absorb, reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify, clear, focus etc. subtle energies. Properties which are needed when working with the subtle energy systems.

Crystal and Energy Healing is a highly specialised form of energy work, that requires tutor led training and much practice.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies The Bach Flower Remedies were discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the early nineteen hundreds and have been used as a complementary therapy since then. Dr Bach understood that more often than not, illness is the result of persistent negative emotional and mental states. There are 38 remedies (plus the well know rescue remedy), each of which contains the positive aspects of certain negative emotions or states of mind. By introducing these positive vibrations into the Human auric field and/or by taking them orally, the causes of existing negative conditions are addresses so healing can take place. This three weekend training course is available for all FSEM healer members.

De-Stress Therapy

De-stress therapy is a mind & body programme that is taught to the client by the stress therapist. The overall objective is to provide lasting changes in the way stress is perceived, experienced and dealt with, before it results in illness or other stress related problems. Clients are taken through a set of specific deeply relaxing techniques. These are accompanied by cognitive techniques that assist in alleviating thought and emotional patterns that may be leading to stress. This valuable complementary therapy can be beneficial to anyone. This more conventional training is open anyone and does not involve energy or crystal healing work.

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