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This qualification outlines a working knowledge of both crystal healing and energy (spiritual) healing. This means that practitioners qualify in both disciplines and can use either therapy in their practice, as well as discover the close relationship that these different therapies hold with each other.

The course is run on a part-time basis over (14 weekends) a two year period. During this period, full healer training is covered to a profound level, with respect to the use of crystals for healing.

Many different crystal are studied in great depth, with respect to their energy and healing potential. This includes their application for healing the subtle energy systems, self development, earth healing and manifestation.

The next course in Wales starts in Autumn 2020: click here to request an overview

In addition to this students are taught how to sense energy and assess the subtle energy systems i.e. energy (auric) field, chakra system plus other energy systems, so that they can work effectively to the point of greatest need for each client. Students also learn how to channel energy, with the use of crystals into these energy systems to promote healing.

During this time students are also taken through a process of deep inner development and self-healing that is in line with their higher-self. The reason for this is to deepen their self-knowledge in order to begin to follow their own path of evolution and to have a greater awareness of the importance of an intent that is for the highest good of all concerned and how this relates to healing practice.

Apart from outlining the use of many different vibrations of crystals that may be used in individual healing sessions. Detailed knowledge of how to choose and take care of crystals for healing, daily life and inner work is included.

This course is accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine

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